Mission Statement of Food Blog: Food

I’ve had a lot of blogs in the past– blogs about gossip, the mundane happenings of my life, blogs that were private but then discovered, blogs that are still private and yet to be discovered– but this one is different.  “How so?” you’re probably (not) thinking.  “What’s going to prevent this from becoming yet another pathetic blog in which you complain about your life and say things like “hey guys [to my nonexistant readers] I’ve been away for a while– life’s been CRAZY!”  Because, this blog is going to be about:


And my relationship with it.  And since food is always in my life (except when I tried the Master Cleanse on Monday– more on that later) I’m hoping there won’t be a lack of things to discuss. 

Topics I’m looking to cover:

My failed cooking attempts, and not-so-failed cooking attempts
Food reviews of Trader Joes
Restaraunt reviews— finally learning how to properly spell “restaurant”
How food makes me feel bad about myself 
How food makes me feel WONDERFUL
Diets– let’s test-run them all!!!!
Eating phases that all my friends and family are used to hearing about (the vegan one, the SouthBeach one, the low-calorie one, the one where I eat everything)
Weight loss— what other people have to say about it and me!
My favorite recipes
And on a serious note: getting all these critics out of my head and on paper.

I warn everyone who might read this– you’re about to enter a dark, but hopefully comic world of food.  Be aware that I will often contradict myself (i.e. Cleanse on Monday, baking 7 layer bars on Thursday), will go through many phases and will often post uncomfortable thoughts, but hopefully those that are relatable.  This is going to be my therapy session– but it won’t cost $60/hr.


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