Next up to bat: Southbeach Diet

I’m running back into the arms of my old time lover, Southbeach diet:  the only “diet” that has strict guidelines but doesn’t make me feel obsessive or like Lindsey Lohan.  The only problem: no sugar.  It’s a problem when my first love in life is sugar.  That’s also the main issue with diets that revolve around quantity>quality:  I end up eating 1200 calories or 24 points of Frappachinos and dark chocolate bars (because dark chocolate is “healthier”).

So tomorrow I’m going on Phase I of Southbeach diet, which I’ll update daily on my progress.  Since my weekdays are pretty much a no-go in terms of exercise (sometimes you really don’t have 30 minutes Ms Oprah!) I’m aiming to work on Fridays-Mondays.

Aside from that, I feel nauseated because I just ate three servings of Lime & Chile Mixed Nuts from TJs.  GREAT START!  I need to stay away from TJs during this diet.  That place is hell in disguise– everything is sooo tasty and comforting and gourmet (and LOADED in calories and sat. fat)  😦  mmm… chocolate covered macaroons.

Anyhow– hopefully this Southbeach Diet will work, though more realistically, I hope my motivated will work.  I REALLY want to squeeze comfortably into a size 14 for my recital gown.   In the words of Tyra Banks to the Kardashian sisters:  “If people are calling YOU fat, then what about girls who are size 14 and 16???”

Yeah, it makes us feel pretty gargantuan.

So, interesting story on an overweight Miss England contestant:


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