Phase I: Day 7

WOO!  I can’t believe I’ve stuck to this for seven days now… insane.  My cravings are taken care of (for the most part– read below re: waffle) and I hopefully lost some weight this week.  We will see tomorrow.  I realize that being on SouthBeach makes my life a LOT easier, mainly because I do not have the choice anymore.  I go out and there are no longer 10 minute dilemmas between the “good” me and “bad” me over whether or not I should get orange chicken for lunch, or order a grande caramel frappacino with extra whipped cream, or snack on gummy bears.  It’s nice not having to think about it, and truthfully, I would rather have this peace of mind than a croissant. 

Today I officially grew exhausted with eggs and a salad for breakfast, so I attempted to make “Mock Waffles.”  Kind of gross, kind of delightful.  My taste buds liked it, but they are getting to be very undiscriminating, so you probably shouldn’t trust anything I write in regards to taste ever again.  

The recipe calls for skim ricotta, 2 eggs, 1/2 tsp. baking powder, cinnamon to taste, 1 tbsp. Splenda and VOILA.  Mix together and dump it into a waffle maker.  No these are not “fluffly” but they are a lot healthier and lighter. I topped it with Earth Balance and Agave sweetener… pretty good.  Anyhow, tomorrow I’ll weigh in and report my progress… I’m hoping that since the start of January I’ve lost around 6-7lbs and since last week, I’m hoping that I lost 3-4 of those.  Be back tomorrow.


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