Veggies Schmegies

I do not want to be eating a big bowl of arugala, green onions, snap peas and broccoli right now… I want to dig into the tart frozen yogurt from TJs in my freezer.  But I didn’t get my full 4 1/2 cups of vegetables today and I only got four hours of sleep last night, so my body is craving carbs and sugar.  *sigh*  The past few days have not been necessarily easy.  Southbeach works because it forces you to combine vegetables, lean proteins, legumes and beans and non-fat dairy in such a combination and serving amount that your physical cravings for sweets and refined carbs go away.  I’m supposed to have vegetables at every meal, and small snacks every one-two hours after my larger meals.  It WORKS– when I actually follow that model.  It’s not always easy to whip up a salad in the AM or have time to make delicious vegetable recipes.  In fact, most of my childhood memories of vegetables involve the words “creamed” and “cheesy.”  I don’t really know many delicious, healthy and easy vegetable recipes.  (I do want to try “mashed potatoes” with cauliflower though– my stepmom used to make them and they are actually delicious.)  I suppose this should be by goal for the weekend…  construct and cook some delicious vegetables, especially vegetable dishes that work for breakfast.  It’s not easy to wake up and have an onion or broccoli be the first thing to hit your palate.  SouthBeach recommends drinking a V8 vegetable juice in the morning, but there are limits to what I’m willing to eat… and vegetable JUICE is one of them.

When I hit Phase II in a week, I may start making a spinach, arugala, green apple, cucumber juice, but unless it has some semblance of sweetness, I simply cannot do it.

Tomorrow I’m getting up early and walking and then weighing in!  Let’s see if this shit is working.

Let me print my menu for today, so I keep myself accountable.

“Waffles”– 1/4 c. ricotta, 2 eggs, vanilla, Splenda, baking powder, Agave Syrup.
Coffee with non-fat half-and-half & Splenda

15 almonds

1 cup left-over stir-fry from last night (vegetables, tofu, Soyaki sauce)
1/2 c. left-over daal (lentils, vegetables) 

2 servings of no sugar added, carb-free dark chocolate from TJ’s(EEK– prbably around 200 calories… way over my limit)
2 TBSP frozen Cool Whip 

Salad: 2 cups arugala, 2 TBSP Goddess dressing, broccoli, 1/4 c. green onions, cauliflower, cucumbers, snappeas

I did “okay” today.  The spacing of meals and snacks needs to be better, and I cannot have sugar-free chocolate as a snack.  It’s a treat.


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