Pedometer frustrations

Yesterday I clocked in at 7,060 steps, although I’m starting to think it was all a lie. I bought two new pedometers yesterday at Target: one was in the 99c bin, and another, which I’ve used before, was about $6 and the only other one they had that clips on. I kind of wish I could find a watch pedometer, although that would mean I would have to wear some presumably bulky,  sport watch all the time to get accurate readings each day.

The pedometer is important to me because it’s a good gauge as to how much I’m walking. I’m making time for cardio each day– about 45 minutes worth for now– but it’s also important to just always make sure that, working out or not, I walk a certain amount.

But I ran a test where I wore both pedometers and walked 50 steps. One of the pedometers read 10 steps…. and the other 21. SO, I’m a little confused and I think I need to go to Big 5 and invest in a better one, so I don’t log in at 7,000 and it’s actually 11,000 or 2,000…….

Even dogs use pedometers these days… except I look half as cute with mine on.


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