On Fleas & Channeling Paula Deen

Life has been kind of crazy and sleep-deprived these past few days. Abby had fleas; about 40-50 “sand fleas– the nasty kind,” according to the disgusted groomer. I feel like such a negligent pet owner. In my defense, Abby is 95% indoor-only, long-haired and we have brown carpets, so I had no idea this was going on.

We got her shaved with a lion cut, Frontlined and we “fumigated” our place today, so I’m praying we don’t have this problem anymore. She was pretty pissed off about the whole thing:

I’ve also been designing my new photography website and it’s taking me forever. I’m pretty happy with the way it’s turning out though, and now I just need to update the portfolios– I have tons of new pieces waiting to be uploaded.

Cooking has been the last thing on my mind lately, but it has to change since I’m doing the South Beach Diet again. I had success the past few times I’ve done it, but never had the time or motivation to commit to the intense cooking it requires (and creativity.) You have to plan out five meals/snacks a day, include vegetables with every meal (including breakfast…) and forgo starches and sugars for a while, and ultimately limit them. It’s not a crazy fad diet though- more like healthy eating principles and guidelines on how to integrate them in your life.

And as fate would have it, my family is coming over to our apartment tomorrow night to drop off my baby brother who is spending the weekend with us, and I volunteered to cook dinner. I was in a Paula Deen mood when I decided on the menu, and must not have been thinking straight: ribs, mashed potatoes, cornbread, macaroni and cheese, a salad and a cake (still debating what). This is like a diet kamikaze. But I guess it will test out my down-home cooking chops and motivation. It’s too late to change the menu at any rate since I have 2lbs of pulled pork baby back ribs in the fridge…

The mac & cheese is for the vegetarian boyfriend, who can’t have ribs nor exist solely on mashed taters. I’ll grill-up some pieces of frozen chicken with a homemade sugar-free bbq sauce, shrimp cocktail and salad for me (and maybe indulge in a rib or two).

I’m happy to be back on SB now that I’m graduated and have time. It’ll expand my cooking repertoire and force me to learn some new recipes while getting healthier. As a plus, Indian and Thai mesh well into the SB principles, so I’ll use it as an excuse to dig out my light coconut milk and make some curries too.

Now if you have a minute, watch this… it’s probably the scariest thing I’ve ever seen:

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