Life After the Microwave & Some Zucchini

I returned from Cayucos, CA with Dhiren a couple days ago. We spent Friday through Tuesday with his family at an awesome 5-room house steps away from the beach in Central California. We had a fabulous time, but life has felt unbalanced since the return. Adjusting to life post vacation has never been easy. Even when the bags are unpacked and laundry done, it’s SO hard readjusting. Going back to teach on Wednesday felt like being stuck in quicksand.

Anyhow, the other day as I was making the cookie dough to bring to the vacation house, our microwave exploded!!!! Literally, it just started randomly popping and smelling like a nuclear disaster before we left on our trip. I tested it with a microwave safe plate and butter, and while empty and it just malfunctioned.SO scary. One of my “in-laws” friends was a microwave engineer, and he told them that he would NEVER use a microwave, even though he built them. He said it literally changes the atomic  structure of the molecules in the food and radiates the food we put in our bodies. Sounds like something from a Vonnegut novel. So, instead of running out to replace it, I am going to ditch microwaves for good.

“Microwave (or RF) Radiation is thermal. RF radiation can enter deep into the body and heat human organs.”

My organs don’t need radiation heating, thank you! I’ve also been doing more resarch about cell phones, and it’s super scary. I’ve heard some people (defeatists) say “Everything causes cancer” but I disagree… things that literally heat up your brain or body with radiation need to be seriously considered.

But, now the problem is how to survive without one?? How do I heat up leftovers, cold coffee or soften my butter in a zap for cookies?

It’s going to take some readjusting.

Lastly, here’s one of my favorite dishes and recipes for the week: Zucchini & Orange Chicken. I’ve started Weight Watchers this week, and it’s been great, though I’m keeping it on the hush hush until I have some results to go along with the goals. So I’m going to begin posting the points so I can meet WW friends and have a place I can later reference!

This has 5 Points for the Chicken, 3 Points for the Sauce (estimated) and 0 points for as much zucchini as you need to fill you up! I use olive oil to get in some healthy fat, and it has 7 points for 2 tbsp. I also use Pam as well, to help coat the skillets.

-1 cup Trader Joe’s Orange Chicken (5 points)
– a couple zucchini, sliced (0 points)
– 1/2 packet of Trader Joe’s Orange Chicken Sauce (3 points)
-2 tbsp olive oil (divided, 1 for the zucchini, and 1 for the chicken)

1. Using a nifty garlic crusher, crush a couple cloves of garlic. You can also use shallots to add flavor.

2. Heat up 1 tbsp of olive oil, then add the garlic. After a minute, toss in the squash and zucchini (I love using yellow summer star squash as well).

3. Prepare the Trader Joe’s Orange Chicken as directed.

A filling, amazing meal, costing you around 15 points. Now, I’m personally eating a whopping 40 points starting out on Weight Watchers, so for those people eating 29 or so per day, I would reinvent this so that it’s fewer points. Probably cut back on the oil by baking the chicken. Enjoy!


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