Yummy, crumby, blueberry muffins

These muffins are from July when Dhiren got that big package of blueberries from his madre in Connecticut.

Which brings me to: I am SO behind on posts. I literally have 20-30 blank posts with titles and concepts, but no time to assemble it all.  Part of the reason, at least for this last week, is that I’ve recently gotten into scrap-booking (I know what you must be thinking: “Oh… she’s one of THOSE people…” Trust me, I’m just as disturbed as you are).  I’m going to post quite a bit in the next couple of days though to catch up. I have an article about our OC Fair Foodventure, Dhiren’s birthday weekend, Weight Watchers, and lots of gifted food and recipes to share.

These muffins were my first ever, and they turned out delicious with very minimal effort. Here I was all these years, imagining muffins to be a challenge.

I’m going to be kind of lame though and not post a recipe. Why? Because I can’t remember which one I used two months ago and Dhiren is snoring, which reminds me that it’s past my bedtime.  But if you feel like making muffins from scratch, I’d check out this.

And why not, since we’re on the topic, take a trip down memory lane for a bit. Do you all remember this video from back in the day?


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