Gifted Food: Shrimp Inari Rolls

A family sent me home with a plate of homemade shrimp inari rolls a few weeks ago. Yum. These were fabulous, and such a great idea. I could totally imagine lots of different fillings for these bad boys. Eating the typical sandwich or wrap for lunch gets so boring, so these are a great alternative. [sorry I don’t have a snazzier photo sans cellophane]

The same family also sent me home with these huge steak and crab rolls last month, which I thought was a bizarre combo. Well, let me tell you– it isn’t.

It tasted like a $15 roll from a restaurant. It was stuffed with crab, steak, veggies and topped with a sweet mayo. Just another perk of being an in-home voice and piano teacher. I’m planning to start making more rolls. It’s perfect because you can pack them with a little brown rice, lots of protein and it’s a filling and tasty midday meal.

Time to make my run to the Ranch 99 market in Irvine.


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