Dressing Table & DIY Makeup Board

Today is going to be the first of many non-food, lifestyle-related posts this year. I don’t know what’s come over me, but I’ve been seized by my inner feminine side and yesterday I went on a mission to finally organize my makeup & jewelry collection.

The catalyst was actually a comment from a client. While leaving her house I casually mentioned my love of makeup, and this client exclaimed “Really?? Because you don’t wear that much of it.” It was an innocent reply, but in an odd way I felt kinda embarassed. I realized that I don’t put much effort in putting myself together. And when I do, it’s  inconsistent, half-hearted & often dangerous.  It usually involves me quickly smudging on eyeliner at intersections,  interrupted by someone honking at me as I miss green lights. I can’t tell you how many mascara and eyeliner  marks I have on the ceiling in my car….

I’ve never liked doing my makeup while standing up in my cramped bathroom. I end up having to lean over to get close to the mirror, I get stuck in one pose for too long and then my feet hurt and something inevitably gets dropped too close, or even inside the toilet. It’s just unpleasant. So, I decided to put an end to this potential deadly habit by making it more alluring to get dolled up before I leave the house.

I recently noticed a small, beautiful, antique-looking vanity at World Market (a.k.a., the happiest place on earth) and lucky for me it was on sale! Hip-hip-hooray!

Finally, I have somewhere where I can store all my makeup and sit down to get ready. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

I also decided to make a jewelry board since two of my jewelry boxes are overflowing. I stole the idea from an Ikea catalogue. When I went to Ikea to buy one, I was told they didn’t actually sell them– it was just a decorative touch for their catalogue.  Typical. So I bought a cork board for about $5, got $4 worth of material, and used a basic stapler.

You can make your own as well. Here are the steps:

1. Spread out your chosen material on a clear workspace.
2. Arrange the cork board on top of the material. Make sure the material extends about 3″ all around. Cut off any excess fabric.
3. Fold the material down on the first side and fold the corner over towards the center to create a clean line and no overlap in the corner (as if you are folding wrapping paper around a present).
4. Staple it down all the way across. I used a basic stapler, but it’s easier if you have a heavy-duty stapler gun.
5. Repeat on all four sides, making sure the material is pulled tight. That’s it!

I’ve seen people use ribbon in a criss-crossed pattern for a decorative touch as well.  Anyhow, time to get ready to go out and enjoy the rest of the weekend. Happy Sunday!


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