A Bakery Story & Ciao Cupcake

I like to share good recipes with friends and family, which is kind of the main point of this blog. I figure, if I can cook something well,  some of my family and friends can too. Well, this isn’t one of those “sharing a good recipe” posts. Don’t be deceived by the photo above- these cupcakes were HORRIBLE. Dhiren was too nice to say otherwise, but they came out dry and crumbly and there were 30 of these sitting on my kitchen counter for 3 days before I finally dumped them all in the bin.

I am a huge fan of from-scratch cooking (when time and money allows), and so I took the Joy of Cooking Devil’s Cake recipe (or something like that) and devised it for cupcakes. Maybe I over-beat it. Maybe I should of used oil or a pudding mix. Maybe I need to buy new tins. Maybe I shouldn’t have used a cake recipe for cupcakes. Who knows!?

But anyhow, they were crappy, and I was only able to salvage them by chopping them in half, putting heaps of creamy ice cream and butter frosting on them and decorating the plate with caramel sauce (to distract the eater…) Oh, and milk. These needed milk.

Such a shame- they looked so pretty!

I got inspiration to make these on the 4th from one of my recent obsessions:

Bakery Story.

Please don’t judge me… too much. This is honestly part of the reason I haven’t posted much this past month. I’ve simply been too swamped at my virtual bakery to worry about REAL food. Gosh, give me a break.

In the words of my mother, “Oh, isn’t Bakery Story just the same as Cafe World? That came out two years ago… SO 2009.”

But I’m addicted, and I’ve sadly gotten Dhiren to join the family with the seemingly more masculine and less pink game, Restaurant Story. (He’s on it right now, needing to stay up because his “scallops will be done cooking in 40 minutes…”)

We’ve reached a whole new level of crazy & antisocial this month.

Speaking of cupcakes though, you gotta check out Ciao Cupcake based in San Diego! Run by Dhiren’s sister Chrissy (and the fam!), the green, eco-friendly mobile bakery serves up the most AMAZING cupcakes ever. Puts the over-hyped Sprinkles to shame.  I’ve had Chrissy’s cupcakes on numerous occasions, and numerous cupcakes on each occasion. They are amazing, original and scrumptious. Check them out if you are a foodie in So. California looking for the “next big thing.”

(just do it)

—->Ciao Cupcake on Facebook