Nostalgic Connecticut Blueberry Crisp

Dhiren and I got a knock at the door at 11am a couple days ago to find a huge package from his mom in Connecticut waiting for us. We quickly opened it, and inside we found pounds and pounds of organic blueberries from his grandmother’s farm in Kent, CT, freshly picked by his mother less than 24 hours ago.

These berries are extremely nostalgic for Dhiren.  Since I’ve known him he often talks  about how he used to work on his grandmother’s farm, setting up tents (I don’t know the actual term) and picking them (most likely eating more than he picked). The farm also produces equally-as-delicious peaches and maple syrup.  When we visit, it’s always fun to wander through the orchards and see how things used to be done, before mass agricultural industrialization and pesticides came to town. (Produce just doesn’t taste as good when it’s plumped with water, genetically modified and then sprayed down with gallons of chemicals.)

Berry bushes from 2009 on his grandmother's farm

Farm boy at heart

So Dhiren glowed when he opened the package. What a crazy, but amazing birthday present! I quickly got to work researching some recipes for the berries. Martha Stewart has some great slide shows of berry recipes, and after a good amount of drooling, I finally decided to go with a simple crumble, which highlights the fresh berries better than something with lots of flour and ingredients.

I used good ol’ Martha’s recipe, along with a tasty, homemade whipped cream and it was fantastic. I even cooled the crumble by the window to make the neighbors jealous…

If you want the recipe, go HERE. I’m too lazy to type it out, especially since I didn’t modify it (actually I only used 5 cups of blueberries, not 6 of them)

Simple recipe, but SUPER delicious.

Thank you Wendy!!! From Dhi & Dee

Phase 1: Day 3

Food Stats For Today:

1 egg, a little low fat cheese, spinach
Salad made with 1 1/2 c. arugala, 1 tbsp. Goddess dressing, a couple chunks of LF feta
1/2 c. LF ricotta w/ Splenda and vanilla
Coffee with TJ’s NF half ‘n half & a Splenda

Almonds (15)


1/2 c. vegetarian chile from TJ’s (highly recommended)
1 relatively large pc. turkey breast
Salad of arugala, green onions, 1 tbsp. Goddess dressing, cucumbers
1 Diet Hansen’s Tangerine Lime


5-7 sugar-free licorice

2 1/2 cups of daal made by Dhiren w/ onions & cilantro

I weighed myself today and have already lost about 3lbs in 3 days.  I realize that sugar and salt causes you to retain added water, so most of this is probably a fluffy loss, but it’s still psychologically motivating.  I’m not going to weigh myself again until next weekend because it can become highly obsessive.  Anyhow, I always need to add a little somethin’ somethin’ to prevent this blog from taking the shape of a “diet blog,” which is is not.  It is a “food blog.”

Motivational moments of the day:

Walking 4 miles today at Newport Beach with Dhiren, and only complaining during the 4th mile as opposed to the entire thing.

Watching Dhiren eat this and not feeling sad:

Monica's left-over chocolate cake & Soy Creamy

Composing while eating cake?