Chocolate Chip Vanilla Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt with Cream

I got an ice cream machine for my birthday two weeks ago, and I’ve used it twice with success. It’s so addicting, and not just the ice cream itself, but the process.

The first recipe is for Chocolate Chip Vanilla Ice Cream. I stole the recipe from the famous Jenni Britton Bauer off of Food & Wine. You can get it HERE. I simply followed the directions and during the last ten minutes of churning, added some chopped chocolate from a Godiva dark chocolate bar. I’ve always been a fan of chocolate slivers in vanilla ice cream, as opposed to chunks. It was DIVINE, although now I am more aware of why ice cream is so calorie-dense. You literally use 4 cups of a mix of whole milk and heavy cream. The consistency of this ice cream was very creamy, although fast-to-melt.

Yesterday I realized I had a carton of 0% fat Greek Yogurt in the fridge and I probably wasn’t going to eat it, so I decided to use some of the left-over heavy cream, whole milk and yogurt, to make a tart yogurt cream. It turned out delicious.


-1 carton of 0% Greek Yogurt (or 1%)
-1 cup whole milk
-1/2 c. heavy cream
-1/2 c. fine sugar, sifted
-3 tbsp light corn syrup
-1 tsp. vanilla

1. Whisk all ingredients in a large bowl. This recipe is faster than a normal  ice cream, which normally requires boiling, and an ice bath.

2. Pour ingredients into your ice cream machine, according to the directions for your specific machine. I was given the Cuisinart, and so far, I love it!

3. Press on, and wait.

4. It will thicken. Let it churn to your liking. This recipe is thicker than a normal ice cream, because of the yogurt and the fact that the ingredients are all cold when poured in. I loved the instant gratification of this particular recipe.

This didn’t need any extra freezing time, and was ready in about 30 minutes.

I had some sad-looking strawberries that needed to be used ASAP, so this was perfect. This recipe has a tanginess that I love from frozen yogurt, but is still rich and creamy. Enjoy!

One last dessert (for now…)

I’ve been whipping up way too many desserts lately, and it’s gonna stop. Yesterday I taught the boyfriend how to make brownies. We made a 9×9 round pan of them, and they were shamefully gone by the following morning. They were probably the best brownies I’ve had in years, but no– this honeymoon from health has to come to a stop for a while. I’ve noticed an unwelcome change in circumference and so I think I best lay off the dessert recipes in exchange for the healthy ones. BUT, before we delve into weeks of healthy eating, let’s have one more indulgence: Affogato, otherwise known as the adult version of a root beer float.

Make about 1/4 cup of DARK & BOLD coffee or espresso. I used a cloth tea strainer filled with finely grounded espresso bean and piping hot water, and it worked like a gem. Then pour that over a high-end vanilla ice cream or gelato and top with whipped cream if you have it lying around (or make it yourself if you’re feeling especially snazzy!)

It tastes better if it’s in a Morris cup too… none of this pretentious martini glass BS that you get in Italian restaurants.

Enjoy! Next up: healthy dinner, a special guest entry AND for an off-topic post, how to give yourself a rockin French manicure at home.