I am Danielle, a dramatic coloratura soprano who loves to cook, eat and take pictures of food.

This blog (formerly known as “YumNummyNums”) has finally found a suitable name and identity, no longer sounding like a baby food brand!

Try all the recipes at your own risk and understand that this blog will have absolutely no consistent theme because my eating habits fluctuate wildly according to my mood. The pendulum will surely swing from decadent comfort foods & buttery delights, to paleo meals & calorie-conscious dishes.

I’ve created my own version of moderation by pairing two wild extremes, so deal with it.

Shout out to the boyfriend, who really does wash the majority of dishes around here as well as tolerates my dramatic breakdowns over kitchen mishaps.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Dee! Love the blog and your musings on food (and other things)…but I don’t like lamb. :o( XoXoXo Mama

    • Thanks Nan! I have about two readers, but it’s fun. Blogging is a way for me to de-stress! You know who needs to have a food blog? Chrissie and Josephine! That would be so much fun.

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